Konsta Splendid

KONSTA SPLENDID is a company established in 1994, with 100% Romanian private capital. Since its opening, the main concern of the company has been to offer customers a wide range of products at competitive prices.

The attention to the needs of customers, the concern for superior quality products, sold at fair prices, the constant desire of staff and management to solve any problems raised by customers, the involvement of the company in sponsoring humanitarian cases, cultural projects and supporting projects aimed at developing the local community are just some of the factors that have led to the development of the company from year to year, reaching today its trade activity on 3 branches:

1. Wholesale - 2 warehouses
2. Retail - 9 shops
3. Distribution network covering Sibiu county and partially Alba and Mures counties.

The company's branch offices are constantly being modernised and renovated to support the needs of customers and bring them added satisfaction and comfort.
Currently, the company has 215 employees and its turnover at the end of 2020 exceeded 44 million Euros.
The company prides itself on a professional team that acts with seriousness and professionalism to achieve the set objectives and meet the business partners’ needs.

The success of Konsta Splendid has been built gradually, with hard work from all those directly involved, the management and employees. This would not have been possible without the dedicated people who are or have been part of the Konsta Splendid team over the years. The work of the team based on patience, enthusiasm, the constant desire to correct mistakes, together with the strategy of offering quality products at fair prices, long-term cooperation with business partners and the fairness that has underpinned all aspects of doing business have guaranteed the success of the company and strengthened the position of Konsta Splendid on the commercial market, both local and national.